Sugarbush, Vermont
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January 25, 2001
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After years of skiing and boarding in the Mid-Atlantic, I am ready to try Vermont. I really like the trails and the deal that Sugarbush quoted me you can't beat. They are providing a lift ticket for Sugarbush and Mad River Glen. Does anybody have any feedback or expereiences good or bad at Sugarbush? I plan on going in mid-March.
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January 25, 2001
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Sugarbush is real good, was there two years ago. Lots of long runs with 2000-2500 vertical, also has killer steeps of Castlerock area. A looong horizontal express chair takes you to Sugarbush North, doubling the amount of accessable terrain. The two could keep a good skier very entertained for 3 or 4 days. Enjoyed a good meal at restaurant/lodge run by Dan Egan, famous extreme skier from area. I did a drive by, but did not ski MRG. It's about 10 miles away and is funky old area, with interesting terrain (2000' vertical) and history, has ancient single chair (and a couple of regular chairs) and no snowmaking, also -alert- if you're a snowboarder, no snowboards allowed, worth a one day visit if natural snow conditions are decent.
January 25, 2001
I skiied over 100 days at Sugar Bush during the 96-97 winter, and I have to say it is one of the best mountains I have skiied, at least on the East Coast. Plenty of terrain to ski/ride and more terrain hidden throughout the mountain even right along side groomed slopes. Plenty of tree skking to poach, as they run an "All mountain" policy and much of the saplings and felled trees are cleared during the off season for safer tree skiing. If you're lucky, you may find the mother of all stashes: Egan's Playground (not on the map hint: hike left off Castle Rock), named after the extreme skiing brothers whose restaurant has THE BEST hamburgers EVER! Another good aspect of The Bush is no New Yorkers and smaller crowds. Killington and Mt. Snow tend to filter out the NY's. Recommend parking at Mt. Ellen lodge, it's smaller and less crowded. Have A Ball. P.S. If you ride, and want to ski or tele at MRG, they take your snowboard in trade for the day for a pair of sticks.

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