Wintergreen Feb 8 Weekend?
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February 6, 2008
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Anyone want to predict conditions at Wintergreen this weekend? Planned to take the family, but current conditions look bad. Where would you recommend going this weekend? Snowboarding for beginners (good lessons)and good intermediate ski trails.
February 6, 2008
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It looks like Sunday should be OK at Wintergreen - National Weather Service predicts Saturday night should be nicely cold, with a high of 32 on Sunday. I'd anticipate they'll make snow whenever possible (perhaps Thursday and Friday nights) to compensate for this brutally warm weather. But Saturday is iffy. I'll be there anyway!
February 6, 2008
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Looks like the worst of the thaw is over but if you have a beginner and intermediate IMHO you should check for the following:

Potato Patch is the most comfortable area for beginners and it is currently closed. They will work hard to open it though.

Upper Cross trail is the entrance to the Intermediates from rest of the resort. Currently closed so you have to walk over there (short walk) but you can ski back on lower cross.

If Potato Patch and Upper Cross are open it will be a nicer time than if they are closed. That is just one persons opinion though.

I will be there regardless!

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