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February 4, 2008
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Where have you disappeared to? We miss you and your weather reports. Especially now when we are hearing about 60s and maybe 70s for the next couple of days in the NOVA suburbs.
When is it going to snow in the valley? Get cold again? What about President's Weekend at the Shoe, Homestead, etc?
Do you think it is going to get cold and stay cold (relative to norms) during late Feb. and March?
The Colonel \:\)
February 5, 2008
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School/Instructing/Ski Team have all just been crazy over the past 3 weeks so i have had little time to spend procrastinating on the web. But it looks like that will change quickly if this darn rain/warm weather continues seeing that all the ski areas are going to see 1.5-3.5 inches of pure RAIN over the next two days maybe followed by 2-5 inches of snow in the highlands... definitely a net loss of base and putting my racing/instructing in jeopardy. I do think it is going to get cold again for the first part of next week but after that it could go either way. I think we will see a few more bursts of cold and hopefully snow over the next week and a half but no real extended cold... what we really need.

little report about me:
Ski instructing and all that has been great and I really enjoy teaching. I have a PSU ski class (university students taking the class for credit.. 2.5 hrs per week) every monday night which I have a great time instructing because of the fact that i see the students weekly and get to see them advance from not being able to ski to turns then being able to concur a blue which is a lot of fun. Ski team has been great this semester and i have made many personal advancements in my skiing and was even able to place in the top 15 in this past weekend's GS race.

Ill be done with all the ski team stuff in a week or so and hopefully ill have time to jump back onto dcski on a more consistent basis (back to the normal 3-5 times per day) and try to report on any storms that pose a threat to the area.

... ok off to class, hope all are well and enjoying this roller coaster of a season
--pray for snow!

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