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Buckeye Skier
February 3, 2008
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I just read Jim Kenney's article about HV and noticed he mentioned a vertical drop of 470 feet. Didn't they used to claim 600 or 650? I've only been there once and it seemed like more than 470. I clicked on the DC resort profiles and it says 700. Did the old owners inflate their stats a little, or a lot? It reminds me of years ago when 7Springs said they were 972 feet, then all of a sudden they were 750.
Scott - DCSki Editor
February 3, 2008
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Under the earlier ownership they did used to claim a higher vertical (and Jim's story briefly had the higher number), but the new owner contacted us and said their consultants measured the vertical as 470 feet, and they want to be as accurate as possible. (I just corrected the number in DCSki's Resort Profile.)
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
February 3, 2008
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Another reason to like what Buncher is doing at HV....refreshing honesty!
The Colonel \:\)
February 3, 2008
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They could add another 500 feet to their vertical if the state permits it (and i hope the state does).
February 3, 2008
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well i don't know about number things but it skied about like some of the backside runs at liberty but there is a lot of terrain on the runout so you ski more than liberty. liberty is like drop in-ski-bottom-lift where h.v. is drop in-ski-bottom-cruse-skate to lift.

i make 6-8 turns top to bottom 7-springs front, 8-10 turns northface, 5-7 turns @ liberty and h.v. 6-8 turns . so HV skis about 500 feet. but i still had a good time and that's what i'm about.
February 3, 2008
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The previous owner's were only off by a factor of 50%. Vertical drop is measured from the highest point to the lowest point on the mountain and does not represent continuous vertical. I am sure the back side of Liberty is not the full 600 feet. Same with the front side of 7Springs...not 750 feet.
Perhaps tbe new slopes proposed along Rte 31 will add some vertical. HV is not the best ski area in the region, but I would say it is one of if not the best family ski area. I have fun there never the less. And Springs, Wisp and Blue Knob are not far away. If Buncher adds Laurel Mt to the mix, well get to ski 900 feet of vertical.
oldensign - DCSki Columnist
February 4, 2008
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So vertical feet is like car MPG's....Maybe there should be a disclaimer your vertical may vary!
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
February 4, 2008
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One refreshingly honest thing on the Seven Springs website is the info available about each trail...for example the vertical drop and length of each trail! This is the only area I have found with this type of info and candor.
The Colonel \:\)
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