Feb outlook for the Colonel
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February 2, 2008
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I can't even get Accuweather to pull up on my Dialup Svc but the Colonel Says they are predicting a warm Feb. After a $26,000 upgrade at my place up at Canaan you would think that I should have High speed But i'm Too tight! Canaan Woke up to 3 inches this Morn Colonel & they will continue to have a great Weekend. The 1st half of next week look warm & moist But the 2nd half leading up to next weekend look Colder & Snowier!..After that it does look like a ridge will build up in the SE which will pump up the temps at least thru the 16th or 17th of feb...After that Its anyones guess...I am hoping for a great tail end to Feb leading up to a great Finish in March!
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
February 2, 2008
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Any other weather geeks have any insight...skier219, langleyskier, etc.
I should mention that Accuweather and Joe Bastardi are indicating a winter type March, perhaps beginning the last week of Feb. or so.
The Colonel \:\)
February 4, 2008
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I'm one of those who tolerate January and February to get to the real skiing in March, which, is usually better than the first three months combined. I could never understand why the general public doesn't understand that and support the industry when it is warmer, the snow is better, and the cost is less. Then again, I'm glad to not have long lift lines, and packed trails during March.
February 5, 2008
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Anything any weather outlet predicts after mid-feb is pure BS.... just flip a coin and you have just as good of a chance of being correct

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