Favorite Lines at Midatlantic Resorts
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January 30, 2008
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I was thinking that after skiing 7S with springsregular last year he showed me alot of interesting lines at 7S that even though I skied there hundreds of times I had never really found before. Skiing those lines really helped to add some spice and a different flavor to a trail I had already skied hundreds of times before. I won't give away Sam's favorites, but I am thinking that DCski might benefit if from sharing a few special lines that people really should try. If you read this and find something helpful, please post another line from your favorite midatlantic resort.

I have a couple of favorites to share from 7S.

1. The north face slope up at the top is almost always windblown. There are couple sections of pine trees up at the roll over that act as a wind break. After even a modest snow event (3-6" or so) the northface gets totally blown off, and alot of that snow gets dumped just on the leeside of those trees. So after a minor snow event, you will almost always find nice drift lines in there. The same holds for all the small tree wind breaks throughout the northface.

2. Another favorite line start at the giant steps lift. This line has about 5 little natural hits and is a really fun run to do when the slopes are empty and you want to go really fast. Aim right of the top headwall and air off though the dead trees at the top. Continue down skiers right on giant steps. You can air the top of next head wall too, but don't go too big. From the top of the headwall bear right down a double fall line and head towards a 20ft wide path through the trees following below giant boulder. There is (or was) a number of huge rollers going right down this section. Do not miss these. When it flattens out bear back left and optionally, go off any hits in the trees you can find, usually a few small ones. Follow the trail out onto giant boulder. Make sure you ski carefully on boulder it is a popular groomer and frequented by kids and families. When you can, pick up some speed and go off the berm (which is usually steep up) and down the steep drop off skiers right any where in this section. If the berm is ramped a little and you go in with heat and you can get up to 5 ft of air coming off of here. Then ski down through the powder field and onto the giant steps lift.
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January 31, 2008
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It's hard, at least for me, to get too creative about ski lines at many mid-A ski areas. I usually just mine the edges of well known trails for soft snow, and curiously I seem to naturally prefer the skier's right side??
Misc: Last year I liked Laurel Hill glades at Blue Knob. Devil's Drop and Mainstreet (right under the chair) at Wisp are pretty nice. I don't know the North Face very well and will have to look for your 7S suggestions sometime.
Of course, as we found with recent T-line thread some folks keep this kind of info close hold :-)
Have you found some fun lines at the Beave?

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