good Super Bowl Sunday ski stories/deals
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JimK - DCSki Columnist
January 30, 2008
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Who's got some accounts of good skiing/boarding experiences on Super Bowl Sunday? It's well known as a crowd free day to go skiing.
Look what Killington's offering this year: Skiers and riders who book a two- or three-night Super Bowl Ski and Stay Package, arriving any night from now through Sunday Feb. 3, may choose either a "Giants" or "Patriots" two- or three-day lift ticket in support of their team. If their team wins the Super Bowl they receive a free lift ticket voucher of equal duration for a return visit this season to Killington. Two-day Ski and Stay packages start at $112 per person, per night, and must be booked online or by calling 800-621-MTNS a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival.
January 30, 2008
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Wow. I bet there won't be to many Giants "fans" for this offer. Then again maybe they should factor in the odds and give those who pick the Giants multiple day lift tickets....
January 30, 2008
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 Originally Posted By: JimK
Who's got some accounts of good skiing/boarding experiences on Super Bowl Sunday?

i remember senior ski trip in highschool to 7 springs.. It was superbowl sunday in '86 and we got there late afternoon and i recall alot of people gathering to watch the game while we went night skiing. it had already started to snow heavy earlier in the day. the next morning there was close to 2ft of new snow and a few of us and our hardcore skiing "chaperon" were so exited to get out that we made a b-line out to be the first ones down the north face. well.. we were the first ones down.. but unfortunately it also wasn't open yet, and the patrol told us we had to wait in the little hut at the bottom till the lifts started moving \:\) It was also the first time i skied anything more than a few inches deep. and i recall losing my goggles and hat in one of the many whipeout/burials i had! on a sad note, a day or 2 later, i remember just getting off a lift and hearing an announcement that the shuttle had just blown up...kinda put a damper on the rest of the trip for a bit. \:\(
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
January 30, 2008
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Landed in Denver with youngest son a few days before the Redskins-Broncos Superbowl. Felt so intimidated in the airport with everyone wearing orange crush colors, lots of signage, etc. that I actually took off the Redskins large button I was wearing.
We skied at Copper. Lots of activity: someone had hiked up the mountain across I70 from the resort and painted "Go Broncos" in huge orange letters about 1500 vert. ft. up.
The resort held pep rallies with the Denver cheerleaders, had a parade with floats and the day of the game completely painted a large slope fronting the resort in orange.
I asked management if Copper was considered an international resort, and answer was "Yes". But when I then inquired about the location for the Redskins Rally I received an icy stare and a pointing to a nearby phone booth.
You might remember this is the game the Redskins scored at will in the first half. Needless to say, the nearest bar/restaurant I visited at halftime was like a morgue...and yes, I did wear my Redskins gear. Later I saw the Manager and pointed out that my Redskins rally was far more successful than all of their Denver Bronco rallies.
Quite a ski/Superbowl experience.
The Colonel \:\)
PS: Actually was at Copper for a later Denver Bronco Superbowl which was enjoyable because they won and were not playing the Skins.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
January 31, 2008
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I was a season pass holder at Blue Knob in the '70s during all the Super Bowl successes of Terry Bradshaw's Steelers. The lodge-bar area would get pretty crazy for their Super Bowl games given that it was pretty much their home territory. Since I was a Skins fan I mostly stayed out and enjoyed the light ski trail traffic. Other midwinter weekends Blue Knob could have horrendous lift lines back then.
Was at Roundtop night skiing during a Super Bowl about 20 yrs ago on an extremely cold night. 30 people on the hill, probably only 30 in the lodge too. Two teams were playing that I didn't care about.
One time about 15 yrs ago after skiing at Seven Springs I saw a Super Bowl in the bar of one of the larger chain motels in Somerset, PA. I had some ski buds with me and it was pretty fun.

Got to admit as much as I like a crowd free midseason Sunday on the slopes, I stayed home glued to the boobtube with family and friends every time the Redskins played in a Super Bowl.

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