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January 29, 2008
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Is there a place that tracks the when a binding manufacturer will no longer support a binding? I'd prefer to find out my bindings are out of date before I show up to a ski area expecting to pick up my skis from the shop, only to find out they did not do a binding check. My bindings manufacturer (Solomon) does not seem to have anything more specific than "about 10 years from beginning of manufacture". I assume a list goes out to ski shops at the beginning of the year. is that posted online somewhere?

I'd also like to know why the $%*#*! shop did not call me to tell me about this BEFORE doing the rest of the full monty tune up that costs more than the skis are now worth, but thats a different thread for a different time.
January 29, 2008
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Try this link:

Agreed, if the work order included a binding check, they should have stopped and called you about proceeding on the rest...I also think some shops will avoid the ski no matter what at that point.

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