Which would you go to Sno Mt/Blue/Camel Back/JFBB
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January 21, 2008
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I will be up that way and those four seem from the stats to be reasonable places. Can anyone offer thoughts and comments on the current conditions?

January 21, 2008
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I was up that way this weekend. Saturday we went to JFBB and jack frost definatly had the best conditions. Nice, fresh, packed powder with even some powder stashes hidden around. The glades were even open with nice coverage for glade skiing. We left jack frost at about 3:30 to get at big boulder at 4. Snow there was definaly more icy but still worth it. Sunday we hit camelback at 12 where the snow was alright. There was packed powder on top but got scraped off toward the end of the day and some icy spots appeared. They were blowing snow all day on some open and closed terrain. I believe the hump opened up today.

Overall i would recommend going to jackfrost if you are able to. Awesome snow, little to no lift lines, and epic conditions, you cant go wrong.

p.s. hit up floyds folly. HUGE mogles on a steep slope = tons of fun =D

January 22, 2008
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Growing up in that area, I can offer some insight. If you are going on the weekend, be warned that all of those places are crowded. Blue is much further south, so I am not sure why you picked that place. JF/BB are almost next to each other and CB is a little ways down the road. Shawnee is actually the next closest. Sno has one really short steep run (much like Lower Shays at Snow Shoe. If a little extra drive does not bother you, I would go to Elk. Longer drive but head and shoulders better then anything else in the area. Camelback would be next just due to the choice of terrain, then JF.

Hope this helps.

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