What is up with Canaan program for kids
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January 18, 2008
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What is up with CV (Canaan Valley) program for little ones:
Now they do not accept kids before they reach a venerable 6 years of age into their ski school? Who said 5 year olds should not ski? Or they do not want to bother?

We visit CV every year and it has been an issue, but this year they pushed it firther. My (middle) son was skiing in that school 2 years ago when he was 3 years old, and at that time CV accepted 3 years old. Last year they raised minimum age limit to 5, and he was "only" 4 so ineligible to get in, but this year they raised it again. Are they going to raise it yearly till they reach 12 or 18 as minimum age?!

I feel like resort is saying "Not interested in families". It is inconceivable to say 5 year old is too young to ski and offer them only expensive private lesson as an option.

As an option - it I take ski and stay package with CV can I sent my son to Timberline ski school (which , like others, accepts 4 1/2 years and up), or I must actually ski/board in Timberline itself while my son is in their school?

And what schools in general people recommend for little ones (including Timberline or local resorts like Liberty, Whitetail or Bryce).


January 18, 2008
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And I also noticed on the same URL they (CV) charge $140 per day. Timberline charges around $90 days one day, and if you sign for 2 or 3 days the cost is like $70 per day. I think more expensive local resorts charge just under $100 per day, but $140 - you have got to be kidding.
Who is even paying that? Or this kids program in CV exists just for the sake of it?
January 18, 2008
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I had great luck with mid week Kids Mountain Camp at Whitetail. I would play hooky from work and take my youngest and he would get virtual private 3 1/2 hour lessons. They would go as long as the kid wanted, with an hour to ski together at the end.

The instruction was fine too. I don't remember the price being too much.
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January 18, 2008
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Not sure about the kids program, but 6 is way too old to be the minimum age for any kids program. I fear Canaan Valley Ski Area is hurting, remember they did not open until nearly Christmas, deliberately. Maybe they are not guaranteeing instructors enough dollars, maybe the late start caused instructors to go elsewhere.
As for good programs elsewhere: several on this site have indicated they believe TLine has a good kids program, Seven Springs has a highly ranked tiny tots ski school which cost $99 for a full day. Camelback had a wonderful kids ski school a while back, not sure about today. I remember 30 years ago putting my young children (like 4 and 6) in a private at Canaan and listening to the instructor tell the tikes to ski parallel to the slope and take a right angle to the slope. Say what?
Thing could only improve.
Personal experience says Jack Frost has a great school, Bryce has a great reputation, Wintergreen should be great.
Snowshoe is another matter. Their problem is that the beast green slopes are way off the the side in the basin, so they tend to keep the little ones on Skidder where one learns little or nothing. Now, over at the Snowshoe Silvercreek area the learning slopes are good and I would anticipate good teachers.
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January 22, 2008
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Timberline has some great instructors and programs for young kids, and the all day ski school - Timber Adventure - is reasonably priced. Just remember to get to the ski school desk early - about 30 minutes before they open on a busy weekend - to get a spot in the school. They do not take advance reservations, or reservations over the phone.

IMHO though, private lessons for young children are the only way to go - if you want your kid to learn how to ski that is. The all day ski school is great if you want to maximize your own skiing. The problem I had with the all day program is that the pace of each kids group is driven by the kids with the least experience. I've seen the Timber Adventure never leave the ski school area in a day. Not even running the bunny slope. With a private lesson, your kid is sure to get the opportunity to ride the lift, ski on a hill, and if they are ready - ski from the top.

January 22, 2008
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OK, now for the skinny on CV. They do not have a regular ski school director, probably only an acting director. Recently, they called t-line to ask if anyone in their ski school would be interested in the job with no takers. Their former director is now at t-line after the CV management (ahem) upset him and they are floundering big time. I don't know who is the ski area operator, but one thing for certain, they are doing their best to put the area under. Poor snowmaking resulting in lack of terrain is killing them with the regular skiers as well. The Canaan-timberline junior ski team hasn't practiced/raced there in quite a few years due to a lack of a race department or support for racing. I think the WV governor's cup is scheduled to be there this year, but with the way things are, it may go back to t-line out of necessity unless the t-line race dept helps set up and run it. In the past there has been only one individual at the resort who knew enough about running a race to pull it off and he works elsewhere on a full time basis. So.... if you are in the valley, t-line would be your best bet for high quality ski school instruction and experience.
January 22, 2008
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I have the stay and ski package this weekend, XMAS present from wife for me and son. I called to see if I could upgrade to ski the valley passes(both Mountains) and found that if I did I basically would have to get an adult package for my son, so we stuck with the other where kids ski and stay free. I have to pay some extra for him because I am the only adult, but still much cheaper than two full adults. We may still decide to jump over to Tline if canaan gets old, but didn't seem to be cheaper to upgrade for the separate tickets due to the package deal change.

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