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January 16, 2008
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ok, call me slow, but I didn't really know what the purpose of splitboards were till not too long ago. if this is you, i found a pretty sweet video of em in action that should answer any questions \:\)

splitboarding in action. (.mov)
January 16, 2008
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yeah u know what? i took this excellent avalanche / back country course given by the university of utah and we had a rider that had a split-board (i had my big-mountain skis with alpine trekker adapters in 'em) and it was great for skinning up stuff. and then my man just peeled his skins, snapped it together and wailed some huge turns of off usa bowl opposite of brighton. niiiicccceee!
January 17, 2008
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If I lived out west somewhere I would definitely invest in a set up. Seems pretty pricey though. Voile has a set up, board, adapters and skins for $1200. You still need to have your bindings and stuff though.

There is a company i read about in SLC that will convert your regular board to a split for you. They measure it up and run your baby through a band saw then put some hardware on it to help put it back together (I know, this is the overly simplistic view). Don't know how they would put edge material along the inner edges though.

Not sure if this is the same company: http://www.mnttechnologies.com/index.html
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