Anyone been to Liberty/Roundtop/Whitetail thisweek
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January 15, 2008
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I'm headed to one of the local slopes tomorrow, wednesday, for an afternoon, and was just wondering if anyones been to one of them, trying to decide which one will offer the best conditions, any first hand accounts would be greatly appreciated!

i havent been able to hit the slopes yet this season, just hoping to get my legs under me before i head to better terrain(new england, possibly tahoe!)
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January 15, 2008
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Without any first hand reports, check out the web cams.
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January 15, 2008
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I was at Whitetail on Sunday (I work there). The snow was pretty thin. But we've done a ton of snowmaking since then and the web cams look great. Tomorrow looks to be a beauty day after more snowmaking tonight. Sweet courderoy in the morning and a little bluebird spring skiing in the afternoon. Liberty and Roundtop should not be much different from Whitetail coverage wise (i.e. still limited terrain open). Liberty will have more variety for intermediate skiers. Whitetail will have more acreage of more difficult terrain. Roundtop will be kinda in the middle.

More nightly blowing through the rest of the week
January 16, 2008
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roundtop is pretty weak.
January 21, 2008
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I went to Liberty on Saturday and I think it will be the last time :). Last time I had gone it was in HS and it wasn't too bad but compared to Whitetail its a much smaller mountain. The crowds were pretty heavy, I don't think I was on a single lift that didn't stop. I also noticed the terrain there is pretty basic compared to the 'Tail...

January 24, 2008
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I also noticed the terrain there is pretty basic compared to the 'Tail...

Given that almost all of the interesting terrain was closed, I would agree.

As far as crowds, any three day weekend when there is snow on the ground in Baltimore and DC is going to make for crowds at any local resort.
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