Hidden Valley RENTAL places?
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January 13, 2008
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HELP! We are going skiing next weekend with the kids (their first time) and just found out our local Ski Chalet is already sold out (AAACK!) of ski boots in my kids' sizes. We are staying in a hillside condo and can ski right from there - would love to AVOID the rental hassle at the resort. Any ideas where we might find or reserve skis near Hidden Valley - that might actually have them on Saturday morning on a holiday weekend?
January 13, 2008
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We are open to other ideas, too!!
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January 13, 2008
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I assume you have checked all the other local ski shops and rental places in the area? Look in the yellow pages and see what is out there.
Also call Hidden Valley and see what their situation is, maybe you can rent in advance with a credit card. Check on the computer for the rental places near Somerset and Donegal PA.
Lastly, think about putting the childeren in the Ski Chalet or another shop's children's boot program that allows trade-ins as the kids outgrow their equipment; and you might check Ski Chalet or another shop like Alpine or SkiCenter for used boots you could buy.
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January 13, 2008
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There is the Route 31 Ski and Board shop right along RT31, the road between somerset and hidden valley. I always get my kids rentals there rather than on the monuntain and they have a big inventory.
January 13, 2008
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I am assuming you are from DC area. If near Chantilly try EXTREME ALL Sport. Pete is a good guy.

If near olney, try Ski Raquet. Never bought anything there but have been through the store several times and they seem qualified and nice (they have rentals on their home page).
January 14, 2008
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try Thrifty, though the shop is about 6-8 miles west of HV.

here is the website, Thrifty Ski Rental

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