Storm this Sun/Mon 1/13/08?
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January 9, 2008
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I know I know, so much can change, but I need some hype to keep me going in this horribly warm weather. Especially watching all the snow out west.

Apparently the models are starting to agree more and more for a big storm this Sunday and Monday in the mid-atlantic (forecast is saying Knoxville to New York).

Everyone's favorite hype guy at accuweather is said the latest Euro has a monster storm. I'd settle for a good 6 incher at this point though, my big weekend ski trip to WISP is in a little over 2 weeks
January 9, 2008
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Where is the HECK is Langley??? He should have called this one up by now. He must be skiing, cuz I sure haven't seen him on here....
January 9, 2008
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Ive been watching that chance for a few days now...I just caught the weather channel & they were still undecided as of 40 min ago. There is a chance that it just goes out to sea..Could stay close enough to the coast for....stay tuned!...The cold will be back & stay for awhile anyway it turns out...Western front areas will be picking up some LE/Upslope untill further notice every time a new shot of cold energy swings thru.......Where is L-SKIER?..good question..
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
January 9, 2008
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Hopefully he did not pay too much attention to the ski team thing and not enough to his PSU meteorology classes!
The Colonel \:\)
January 9, 2008
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Long range model has another bullseye on Snowshoe. But only a few inches predicted thus far.
January 10, 2008
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I guess another has popped up for the around the 20th for another coastal storm.

They really have no idea about next week though, even the local guys are too afraid to hype it on TV.
January 11, 2008
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Hey all... i kind of took a hiatus from posting over my winter break but am back here in State College now and will resume my obsessive checking and posting on dcski!

This storm is very small and very quick so i would not expect too much in the way of accums unless it tracks closer to the coast (which would mean all rain for DC area). As of right now it looks like 1-3 looks like the safest bet for DC metro area with lower accums and mixing the further south you go because of mixing. Also, i think this event will be mainly snow for DC with maybe a little mixing to start but then a quick change to snow but the snow will have a lot of trouble sticking after the blowtorch weather we have had lately. For the mountains, the areas that will benefit from this will be the poconos and the snowtime resorts. However, tline, 7 springs, wisp, canaan, and shoe will see very heavy upslope after the storm, probably around 1 foot throughout the beginning of next week.

Accumulated liquid precip (upslope continues beyond the time range of this map):

After the storm, it looks like it is going to get colder each day and there is a possibility of another storm at the end of next week and another after that... so if this storm is not the big east coast storm we all desire so much i do think a good hit for everyone is probably over the next two weeks
January 11, 2008
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God I wish I was in Whistler this weekend...
January 11, 2008
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Well, I'd like to see snow here, but I'll take a foot at WISP to build the bases, another foot next weekend to build trails that aren't open, and a foot for my trip on the 24th to lay a night coat of powder on top and get me snowed in there \:\)

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