Rock Ski Sale, MLK weekend @ t-line
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January 8, 2008
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I'm cleaning out the basement... I have some skis to liquidate. All are in great shape but may be a little long by today's standards. Not enuff room to keep em at my place at t-line either soooo...
Rossi 9.9 vipers 190 w/bindings
Rossi 9.9 vipers 185 w/bindings
Fisher Boarder Xs 190 w/bindings
Dynastar SFs 190 w/o bindings
Dyanstar Zeros 180 w/o bindings
Volant powder skis 180 w/bindings

I'm going to be selling them CHEAP, all under $50. Unmounted skis under $20. Both skis and bindings are in excellent shape so if you need a rock ski, or a decent set of bindings, or maybe just one or two planks to finish out that lawn chair you've been building.... Anyway if interested, I'll have them at the incubator area beside the silver queen lift in the Northwoods backyard at Timberline the afternoon of the 19th. If anyone wants to join my rock ski sale, let me know.
January 8, 2008
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Man Kim...bit of a pack rat huh ;\)
January 9, 2008
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Their too good to just throw out. The bindings alone are worth the price of admission. Although they are not race bindings, most are top of the line marker or rossi bindings on the skis. The skis were skied about two seasons at 35/40 days, so they have a lot of turns left in em. Good deal if someone wants them, good deal for me cuz I get em gone.
January 17, 2008
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I'm gonna postpone my rock ski sale....pow's gonna be tooooo good to just sit and sip cold ones. I'll sip cold ones on one of those sugar weekends when folks will need rock skis. \:\)
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