Mini Trip Report - Seven Springs 1/5/08
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
January 5, 2008
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Spent the day at 7Springs. Started raining about 2:20.
Surface before rain was great, some bare spots showing, even on the snowmaking trails. Not a real bother however. Non-snowmaking trails really not skiable unless one does not care for the ski/board base.
Snow held up well despite light rain/heavy mist. Wetness made the surface faster. Temps held in high 30s. Biggest problem was the rain coated goggles, or in my case eyeglasses. Sometimes made skiing a bit dangerous because I could not see changes in the snow surface or small mogels.
The new Gunner six-pack really makes a difference. Hotel sold out, large crowd, but the old North Face lifts were ski up and ski right on. The six pack was another issue, long lines but not too long. Line on the far side was about double the length of that on the eastern side. Sure makes the trip up real fast. Almost need the line to rest. A little more 7Springs attention to crowd control needed, IMO. And the major problem of no easy access back to the front side ski lodge from the Gunner slopes remains. Unless you like walking uphill you have to ski down the North Face and take one of the older chairs back to the top to ski down the hotel side. Likewise, the long line for the Polar Bear Express to get from the ski lodge to the North Face remains a major frustration. Anybody know a quicker/better way to get from the ski lodge area to the North Face side?
Speaking of the hotel, the rennovations have not been completed. Rooms in the tower entirely different, essentiall two queeen bed bedrooms connected in the middle by the bathroom and a hall shelf that will eventually hold microwave, toaster oven, coffee machine and small refridgerator. Other configuration is the two rooms but one is a sitting room with pull out couch...very nice. Both rooms have a flat screen TV, but the cable provider only has an analog signal.
One 7Springs employee told me about the travails management has endured trying to get the rennovations completed...such as ordering 600 new TV and having only 60 delivered...had to send a rental truck to get remainder. Still awaiting long ordered new carpeting, new doors, the aforementioned appliances, etc. It should really be great when finished. Wireless internet in room for a $9.95 daily sign-up fee. Free wireless remains in lobby where I am now typing this. My grandkids had a great experience in the full day "tiny tots" program....7Springs really shines here. Willis Ski Shop fully stocked with professional knowledgable sales staff. Not sure what we are going to do in the morning...depends on the weather...the grandkids are torn between more lessons and the tubing hill. I anticipate they will be tubing in the morning. Still difficult to arrange any real late checkout.
By the way, the quality of the TV signal was a bit distorted, showed my Redskins getting beat by some wet hawks, and I know that can not be true....oh well, wait 'til next year.
The Colonel \:\)
January 6, 2008
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Uhm....From the top of Gunnar lift, make a left and ski DOWNHILL to Tahoe Lodge continue DOWNHILL towards Lost Boy, hang a right on Deer Pass (It's the big green sign that says easiest way back to Lodge) and continue DOWNHILL to the front face. All the while never leaving green terrain.
January 6, 2008
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Seems to be somewhat of a mixture of good and bad. Whats was your overall impression? Funny, we had the same TV problems in the whole DC metropolitan area.
January 6, 2008
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Hmm...TV here had a beautiful picture...funny how that works...LOL.

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