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January 26, 2004
Hey Z glad you all had fun WT.Had to go to a funeral in tampa.the weather was in the low 70's when i left,still in the low 70's crossing the border into GA..SWEET..& then hit the cloud bank..BAM! 30 degree drop,by the time we got into SC there was an accident on every bridge.Saw a suv hanging over a guard rail.30 minutes out of wilmington it looked & felt like we were in a ice factory,got to my house(8 houses back from the water)& it was a balmy 39 degrees.Thats called ocean effect.About 6 to 8" up in Boone ski country
January 26, 2004
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Cold weather is great for skiing, bad for my heating bill.
Roger Z
January 26, 2004
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X-C skiing in the Annapolis area was quite nice today too. Ground was frozen before the snow hit, so no water/ice at the bottom of the accumulation (which is rare around here). Six-eight inches of relatively dry snow laid a nice base after packing and wasn't deep enough to really make you claw. Had a blast! Two great days of skiing in a row, albeit different types!

Glad to hear you made it home safe Andy. Ice is bad news.

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Roger Z
January 27, 2004
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According to, BWI Airport has averaged 3.6 degrees below normal this January and received eight inches of snow from the storm last night (1/25/04). That's a shade warmer than last Jan but nothing to sneeze at! Long-range forecasts are showing no real change in the weather-- a bit warmer going into early Feb but still running 5-10 degreen below normal (those 11-15 day forecasts are a bit uncertain but I think they can be useful for getting a sense for potential changes in weather patterns). All of this can only be good news for all the DCSki resorts!

Andy you're down in NC-- you guys getting much ice, or is that more interior?

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