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January 3, 2008
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Mini trip report:
Son and I had a hearty day of skiing on 2Jan08 at Wisp. Temps never went above 20 degs, moderate wind, occasional snow showers. 20 trails open. No natural until we got around Cumberland, MD. Around 6" of natural snowcover around Wisp, think they got another 4" last night. They were blasting an incredible amount of snowmaking all day, all over the mtn. That added challenge to runs like Mainstreet, Face, Squirrel Cage. Devils Drop Glades were skiable. Mainstreet had foot deep or more of new manmade snow, but close to the guns it was glop with high water content. I submarined once and blew out of both bindings. On the far edge of trail the stuff was fairly light and good "powder skiing" practice. No active guns on parts of Ace's and Whip Saw over in North Camp and good cruising there with a lot of loose manmade, esp in AM. I waited in a 10-15 minute lift line at front triple chair once around 2pm. I think there was a temporary mechanical problem, otherwise ski-on rest of day everywhere. I bet Wisp will be 100% by this weekend. Left knee sore and swollen this AM. Stinks getting old, but I'll live to ski another day.
January 3, 2008
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Sounds fun. BTW, I knew I crossed a threshold when I was complaining to the doctor about a pain I was havng in my knee and she replied "that happens to guys your age." Hope your feeling better!

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