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January 2, 2008
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While checking on my house last Sunday at Dryfork, I was greeted to a new Blue and White sign where I turn into my lane advertising Almost Heaven Resort Real Estate. \:o I'm checking it out today and will let ya'll know what I find out. It's probably like John said. Real estate development.... \:\( There goes my neighborhood.
January 2, 2008
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& there will go the last chance for WV to shine proud & what a waste of a prime ski mtn!...unless they will be selling lots around a mastermind plan to eventually work their way around a slope plan & on up to the "Hunters playground" At the top!...Stay tuned & let us know Qwill..
January 2, 2008
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Ski resorts cost so much to start up....anybody got 55 million or so and we'll get started!
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