The overlooked ski area report!
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oldensign - DCSki Columnist
December 26, 2007
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Here is the reports from the smaller lower places you may not have thought about skiing.

Wild weather across the lower Midwest area brought wind, rain, snow and even some ice. Temps jump up and down across the board. I saw temps in the farm lands of Illinois go from near 50 one day to just above 20 with 50 mph winds then back up to 30 and 50's again in a four day stretch. However the majority of the Midwest saw favorable weather that lead to favorable conditions. The out look for this coming week remains strong.

The play by play:

Indiana: Paoli Peaks - I feel for the new GM here. Snow killing rain and warm temps pushed opening day all the way to Xmas Day. But they finally got enough cold to open with 8 trails on a base of 30 purely machine made. They will open and close weather permitting for the rest of the season. Perfect North - The season is on! The Perfect's are making snow when every they can 12 trails open on a 30 inch base. There have been some excellent ski days this week here.

Ohio - Mad River is reporting 95% open. They are building features and blowing snow when they can. Look for a solid week from this resort. Snow Trials -almost 100%. They are turning lifts as needed and working on some cool features. Brandywine/Boston Mills - Brandywine was open Xmas day with $20 lift tickets! Very cool. Boston Mills was closed. They will reopen today.

Illinois - Snow Star is now 100%open. I personally skied here on Monday and the conditions were fine. Excellent coverage on all slopes. They saw an additional four inches going into the weekend. The will continue to make snow when they can. Chestnut Mtn - is 100% open thus 100% crowded. However the Farside area is open now which should reduce crowds on the main slopes. They report 22 trails on a 20-80 inch base. The golf course ski areas in the Chicago area opened this past weekend. To capitalize on the weekend crowds. Villia Olvia - the home of the worlds fastest rope tow is open on most of its sliding areas.

Iowa - Sundown - 100% open terrain 30-60 inch PP base. Seven Oaks - a golf course with some skiing in central Iowa is open. They make snow, have a ski patrol, lessons and rentals what is not to love! Mount Crescent - near Omaha- opened this week with its 5 trails. Would you believe they have two chairs out there!

Missouri - Hidden Valley (the other one) -opening day is today Dec 26. They aimed for last weekend but didn't make it. They will open today will the front side only. Across the state Snow Creek is still 100% open on what they report is a 60 inch base.

Michigan - low country - Swiss Valley - is open with a 20 -25 inch base. Timber Ridge - open with 28 inch base and 7 trails. Right up the road -Bittersweet- home to the worlds shortest high speed quad, has 14 trails open weekend. The famous Mount Brighton has all most all it trails open as do the other Detroit area resorts.

Come ski some place new... the flat lands await!
Roger Z
December 26, 2007
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Just thought I'd throw in a weather comment. The jet really does appear to be splitting Missouri in half. It was cold in St. Louis, but there was a balmy day as well. Here in KC, we haven't had a low above freezing since November 20th. We've also had some type of snow or ice on the ground all but about four days since Dec 8th. So if Snow Creek says they're 100% open, given their small amount of terrain and cold weather, it's certainly true.
December 28, 2007
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Now, just send that part of the jet over our way. I am really hating these balmy mid40-mid50 days
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