Timberline vs Snowshoe expert terrain
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January 22, 2004
I have been traveling up to snowshoe for a good 10 years now from NC and just recently have heard about the Timberline resort. Snowshoe's accomidations have been great but the expert terrain is embarassing especially for the supposed number 1 resort in the south east. that said Timberline has peaked my interest a little with their being a few more double black diamond trails. My question is the expert terrain at T-Line Legit or should i keep going to Snowshoe?
January 22, 2004
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Well, if Timberline actually has them open, they have some good advanced runs. The problem is, they are VERY slow to get terrain open. They put nowhere near the effort into snowmaking that Snowshoe does. You can be fairly sure that Snowshoe will have most if not all of their trails open (even in early/late season). If conditions are good and T-Line gets everything open (be aware, the trail reports are not always that accurate at T-Line), you should give it a shot..


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