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December 24, 2007
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The Crazie clan will be hitting the slopes at Hidden Valley New Years Day. First day out for wife, daughter and son (17 & 10). We aim for 9am, should at least be in the parking lot by then.

I'm excited to be going back. It will hold special significance because that is the last place my mother skied with us on a family outing. I'm sure HV will be polished to the gleam that memory holds. I'd love to meet up with any HV regulars.

PM for cell phone we'll play tag until we meet.

December 24, 2007
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Don't know that I'll make it on New Years day but I've been to HV last weekend and this and I am certain you will be pleased.

IMO, Buncher is doing an incredible job -- with snowmaking, grooming, customer service and family programs/events. When I've been there, they have been making snow at every available opportunity.. Customer service reps, lift operators, instructors are visible, friendly and helpful --- above and beyond expectations!

In fact, I was even told by a friend who is employed at HV that the Buncher execs were out this past weekend to personally meet and greet each employee and that every employee was given a hand written card, and invitation to a lunch and dinner, and an ipod shuffle! A company that shows that level of dedication to it's employees MUST have a sincere committment to it's customers!

I only hope that we all respond in kind and show our support by, as you are doing, planning a trip to ski at HV and bringing our family and friends.
December 24, 2007
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With all of the good that Buncher has accomplished in such a short amount of time @ Hidden Valley, what more could the DCNR ask for as a steward for the Laurel Mountain Ski Area? As soon as they (Buncher) put the offer on the table a week ago, the DCNR should have signed the dotted line.

LHC, Denise & I plan on skiing @ 7 Springs New Year's Eve evening. I wouldn't mind skiing jan 1 morning with yinz @ HV, just as long as I got home in time to watch the Pens play outdoor at Buffalo (I think 1 PM). I'll call you and let you know.
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