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bill r
December 19, 2007
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Greetings all.

Moved to the Adams Co. area (from lower Delmarva) last year for my job, and took the kids tubing at Liberty after that weird St Patty's day snow. My daughter (now 9) saw some skiers and said "I want to try that". I told her it was getting late in the season, but we'd do it for sure next winter, which is now!

Have not skied in years (decades) so took a day off and did the $29 early season "first class" deal at Liberty today to knock the rust off and scope things out before bringing my daughter for her first trip. (She is a 4th grader and gets some freebees this year as well- that is a great deal, BTW) Our instructors were super (only 3 in the class) and the first part of the day was very uncrowded. More people showed up after noon, but I just switched from the class hill to the next one over, and again, no lines, hardly any people on the slopes. Weather was great, a few flurries, just a hair too warm to be making snow, but what they had down was holding up really well, at least until I left around 3:00.

Highly recommend their "first class" deal, especially at this price. Bought a mountain passport, which gives access to the whole mountain next time, and can't wait to get on some blue slopes while my daughter does her lessons. Really hope she and/or her little brother like skiing, as I had forgotten how much fun it is, and hope to do a lot more of it now that we live a little closer.


-Bill R.
December 19, 2007
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Welcome Bill,
I live on the other side of the mountains from you, in Franklin County. I skied Liberty yesterday morning, doing some scouting for beginner terrain for my 5-yr old son. We'll be there Friday afternoon too since his school is out. We usually ski at Whitetail, but I think Liberty has more interesting beginner terrain for him.
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