The fly over country ski report!
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oldensign - DCSki Columnist
December 12, 2007
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What is happening in the flat lands you ask? Well the ice is hammering the Midwest this week, but ice is not snow. As a result skiing is still poor in the hinterlands. The ice/ rain line was about I-80. Resorts south of that line which had opened for last weekend got pounded by snow killing rain and closed again during the week. North of the line road conditions were so bad that many areas closed anyway. Cold weather is on the horizon so maybe if it comes early enough in the week the snow guns could kick back in and several may reopen this weekend.

The Midwest is like the Middle Atlantic in that a lot of the resorts (South of I-80) are at a low elevation thus more dependent on cold weather to make snow rather than natural snow fall. The resorts in lower Michigan and northern Ohio resort benefit from lake effect snow so they should recover quickly once the storms and cold weather return. Northern Michigan and Wisconsin weathered the storm and should have a strong weekend.

The play by play:

Indiana: Paoli tried to open last weekend but the rains came. Probably 5 snow making days away. Perfect North - opened last weekend for 3 day, but Sunday's rain closed it early. It is probably 2-3 snow making days away from reopening.

Ohio - Mad River open for the weekend at close to 100%. It is closed during the week but will be reopening this weekend with what trails hung on. Snow Trials - opened last weekend as a preview and will reopen this weekend. Brandywine/Boston Mills - open last weekend, will reopen this weekend at 100%. Bring on the lake effect!

Illinois - Snow Star had not planned to open till this coming weekend. It was hammered by ice this week. If it recovers could open this weekend. Doubtful probally 3 snow making days away from opening. Chestnut Mtn - was open closed due to the roads. Reopen today. The golf course ski areas in the Chicago area are not close to opening yet. They typically plan on a Xmas opening.

Iowa - Sundown - closed for the storm but reopened with 100% open terrain.

Michigan - low country - Swiss Valley - hopes to open this weekend. Timber Ridge - reopened today at 100%. Right up the road Bittersweet has 12 trails open each evening and should be 100% this weekend. The famous Mount Brighton and the other Detroit area resorts - opened last weekend, open nights this week and all weekend. Up in the Northern Resorts the snow is flying! In the UP midseason conditions reported!!!

So if Holiday travel takes you to the flat lands. Pack your sticks you still should be able to get some turns in!!
Roger Z
December 12, 2007
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OldE- cool update! I'm sure the folks on the west side of the Mid-A resorts appreciate it (folks in OH, for instance). Any chance of throwing Hidden Valley, MO into your snow report? They were planning to open this weekend I think. Pretty sure that got washed out- it was mostly rain in St. Louis.
December 12, 2007
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Midwest skiing updates - I love it! Does your work ever take you to the madison, wisconsin area? There are 3 pretty decent (by midwest standards) ski areas within 30 minutes of madison.
oldensign - DCSki Columnist
December 13, 2007
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Thanks for the props!

I will add Hidden Valley MO and Wisc resorts next time.

Unfortunately I had to get back to work yesterday ha!!!!!
December 13, 2007
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Mt. Bohemia in the UP opens tomorrow.
December 14, 2007
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Perfect North is reopening today but the webcams show a pretty sad state.
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