need advice for first ski trip
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January 15, 2001
I have a family of four (ages 38,34,14, and 9). we are looking for a place to go skiing that is relatively cheap (1-2 days of skiing). We live in Cumberland, MD and would probably be most interested in something within a couple of hours of here. We have no equipment so anyplace that offers some kind of inexpensive deal for everything would be great. Also, since this is going to be our first time, any other advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
January 16, 2001
surely you've heard of Wisp in Garrett County? i think it's less than an hour from Cumberland. you could read about it and jump to wisp's website from this website. they would have all beginners would need, not sure about cheap lodging, they have a motel next to slopes, but maybe you wouldn't need to sleep over if less than an hour from home? don't go on an extremely cold day, it is tough for beginners to deal with learning new skill and being cold. since you have kids you are probably planning to go on a weekend? weekdays are cheaper (lift tics and lodging) if you can go then. Seven Springs is pretty large area not too far from you in western PA near Somerset, they have far more none skiing things to do like bowling, etc than Wisp. They have a good deal on slopeside hotel rms during the week, esp wed nights, i think. good luck
January 16, 2001
I would head up to Laurel Mountain, probably the cheapest place you will find, in reasonable distance, and has very good terrain.
January 16, 2001
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If you're just learning, you will probably not be able to beat the package deals on lift tickets, rentals, and lessons that are available only at the resorts' ticket windows. However, you might find you can save a few bucks by buying your tickets in advance at a local grocery store. No kidding. Several grocery stores around the country can sell you tickets for ski resorts. Around DC, the Safeway has a deal going with a couple places. Check the Bargain Tracker at DCSki.
January 16, 2001
If its your first time, go snowboarding instead of sking, its a lot more fun.
January 17, 2001
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i agree with phil

GO SNOWBOARDING it is alot more fun....i do everything u can think of on the skiblade.... shortie even tried tubeing.....and i have to say i love snowboarding the best

i have to say i would go probably go to 7springs juding from there stats never been there but they seem alot bigger and offer more ameenaties...i duno abotu wisp eather i plan to go to thows 2 places soon...

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