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November 17, 2007
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In case any of you folks are hooked on (SAC) and use a Mac -- I just released an SAC tracking app for Mac OS X:

I have been using this for a couple months to keep on top of deals, and decided to release it as freeware for other people to use. Give it a shot if you follow SAC. I wrote it because none of the other SAC trackers really worked the way I wanted.

Note: right now SAC does not have an affiliate program, so I am not benefitting financially from the referrals to SAC. I wanted to make that clear, since it would probably not be cool to announce something here if I was getting a cut of the action.

I will post this up on Epic next -- I know there are a lot of SAC addicts there (that's where I got hooked).

November 18, 2007
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Huge SAC Addict here, been hooked on it for many years now.

Unfortunately, I won't be using your tracker, as what I really need is something to keep me AWAY from SAC. I've "saved" literally thousands of dollars there, and no longer have the cash to support my "habit", since I just started grad school full time.

It's too bad, because I've gotten a ton of great bike gear off there this Fall to gear me up for my new road biking hobby...
November 19, 2007
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Yeah, you can go broke saving money! One guy on Epic reported back "it's working great, I already bought 4 things this morning". Maybe I need to write a companion NoSAC product that firewalls all communication with SAC....
November 19, 2007
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 Originally Posted By: skier219
Yeah, you can go broke saving money!

tell me about it! somehow I have multiple "backup" ski jackets, pants and gloves, camelbaks, etc. altho the sweet one i got last season is a little too big for me now, so i might see if i can sell it since it was fairly pricy (Orage Intel shell... bomb proof!)
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