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January 13, 2004
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Anyone with experience with Diann Roffe's programs *this* year? Per Roundtop's website they include Carving Camp Saturday's and Speed Skills.

What is the general level of the skiers in the programs and what is the level of personalized instruction?

Any recommendations for any other local advanced ski programs?

For some reason KevR's name is coming to mind on the Diann Roffe programs...

January 14, 2004
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You might check on Larry Peterson's Wed. night gate training ... 4 classes and very very resonable in price. Larry use to teach it at Ski Liberty at about 7:15 PM or so for two hours.
January 15, 2004
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Oh hello! ;-)

Yes, I took the last one, which turned out to be the first one this season. Although she had a stack of sign-ups, only two of us showed because of the cold temps. SO it was myself,the other guy (just terrible with names), Diann and another ski instructor named Ron. Now, you have to understand, this is the THIRD year I have taken the lessons from her. I think I took 1 or 2 the first year, then last year maybe 2(?), and then again this year. SO i have sort of been through the various drills and so on. I credit her, or at least lessons, from taking me from a very bad stem christie style skier whose technique was about 10 yrs old out of date, to a pretty darn good carving, pole planty hill eating machine! ;-)
Seriously, I am a vastly improved skier and since she's the only instructor I have had in this time period, I have to credit her. (and ron this time was good) So perhaps ANY instructor would have done the same, but I have no way to tell this. In fact, they have taken me to the point where the issues surrounding my carving are tiny. Now I want to emphasize that I am the type of person that likes this sort of thing. I am not sure every person out there just wouldn't prefer to go out and ski and have fun, and not give one hoot about skiing the perfect carve! But I do -- well to a degree and enjoy thinking about technique and so on... I want to "hang it out there" and cut those big rail turns that you see some do -- and I am getting close! ;-)
Ok so that's my motivation and I think Diann is a great little instructor. Even in a group situation of say 10, she's able to personalize the instruction with a broad range of abilities. Now, maybe everyone can do this I don't know. Also, she can look at you and 5 seconds say, "look I want you to think about it like this..." So she's very fast in her analysis and feedback -- this I like. FOR THE LESS technically minded, do not worry, if you are stuck stem christie-ing your way down the moutain, or sliding your ass around like I was and don't know your bum from the your elbow really -- she will fix this or try and get you pointed in the right direction & you can take it from there. That's where I was 3 yrs ago... She also enjoys teaching women in particular and has her own women's class which seems popular. AND of course if you are racing -- who would not go and get some tips from one of the best?
Now my only little downside is Roundtop itself. I just prefer Whitetail overall, although it looks like Roundtop has some steeps (ramrod and the one next to it that wasn't open when we there) that is slightly beyond whitetail but only by a little. So I do wish she would return to WT but for now you have to go to RT...
So overall, a pretty glowing endorcement from me! Also she will video tape if you want that sort of thing. I havent had this done and I'm not sure I care to see what kinda idiot I look like out there. But on the other hand, this is probably the only way to truly perfect the technique to its fullest if you are into that far...
Also, I don't want to give the impression this is just some hardcore thing. It's pretty layed back with some free skiing in between the lessons and just having fun. She's a lot of fun and enjoys goofing around a bit but is also serious about skiing.
In addition DEMOS for the DAY come with lesson so you get that added benefit, that's cool too.
So go for it, I say ...! Any other questions I am happy to answer???

I will likely take 1 more later this season after I ski a bit more, so you might see me up there!

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