Purple Fiddle Tones of Autumn Saturday, Oct. 6
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October 4, 2007
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The always innovative Purple Fiddle is trying something new--a multi-band concert/dance at the Canaan Valley State Park pavillion. The Fiddle has brought a whole new level of entertainment to the CV area and this could be the start of more such big events at Canaan. If you are interested and will be in the Valley this Saturday, it should be fun. Information follows:

Fiddlle Family,

Just another reminder to not miss our great outdoor concert at Canaan this Saturday. The weather is predicted to be perfect - clear skies with lows only in the mid-50's - practically an Indian summer for us. Still, we encourage everyone to bring little-used sweaters (or hats, mittens or scarfs) for the sweater swap cause who knows what great item you might end up with in exchange.

The concert will start promptly at 7:30 pm, and you will not want to miss the opener, Luego, a brilliant new band featuring cello and oh-so-dreamy vocals, so try to be there on time.

Just remember, if you are coming from the north that the venue site at Canaan Resort is a good 20 minutes further south beyond the Fiddle here in Thomas. Once you get there, if you want to be parked close to the pavilion, you might want to drive around the back side of the resort's main lodge - to do so, head toward the golf course, and about a half mile past the main intersection you will find the music up on the hill to your right.

For those of you wondering about the availability of food and drink, the resort will be selling our very own Thomas-brewed beer - Mountain State Brewing Company brews. Plus they will have a selection of wine and also some food options. I have been told that personal coolers will not be allowed at the concert, but I am pretty sure (but no guarantees since this IS state property) that if you are discrete about what small items you bring from your car, no one will say anything. Just remember that, just like at the Fiddle, this will be a family-friendly atmosphere and we will have security there to enforce any unruliness.

I highly encourage anyone wishing to spend the night to make reservations immediately. This is Forest Festival weekend in Elkins and prime fall colors season up here at 3000 feet, so a lot of the area's lodging will fill up. If you are the camping type you could camp at Canaan's campground just half a mile from the concert site, or if you don't mind roughing it, there is plenty of free camping in Tucker County. Feel free to call us at the Fiddle or stop by for directions to those sites.

The band scheduled for this Saturday at the Purple Fiddle, Black Jake, has cancelled and we have decided to not replace them and encourage everyone to attend the concert at Canaan. The cafe will be open until at least 9 pm for those who need to juice up on caffeine prior to the show. Here's the entire music schedule.

See you Saturday night and be wearing your dancing shoes.

October 4, 2007
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I'll definitely be there, tappin the foot and sucking down mountain states' oatmeal stout in perfect rhythm \:\)
October 4, 2007
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The menu discription of the evening's offerings sounds delightful. I'm with crunchy on this one. Could be good

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