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October 2, 2007
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If you haven't read the T-line article in that entrance magazine that you can click on from their web site you need to..
bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
October 16, 2007
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Thanks for the post and link, Tucker.

I read the article. Actually, I printed it out b/c the light type was difficult to read online. Great aerial photo of the mountain from an unusual top-down angle. The overall tone was very upbeat about TL (and about the CV-region's potential in general), and the emphasis was on high-end residential developments. DCSki.com even received a mention!

Clearly the article's focus was on regional boosterism and upscale amenities rather than on painting a broader picture and presenting an unbiased analysis. Yes, Timberline is a great 1000-foot ski mountain and has plenty of top-to-bottom runs. Yes, the region should see new (and expensive) development because of the pending completion of Corridor H. But Timberline also attempts to cater to youth groups; if that was mentioned, I missed it. And what environmental costs will accompany the new development?

A more glaring omission -- again: unless I missed it -- was a discussion of improvements to infrastructure such as replacing the slow lifts. Frankly, T-line's chairlifts don't bother me much because they let me rest my legs and enjoy the mountain views. I expect, though, that the potential buyers who'd be impressed with the region's investment potential and the homes pictured in the article would expect high-speed detachable lifts like those at Wintergreen. The author mentioned Jim K's DCSki.com article on "quaint and quirky" Timberline but chose to ignore the accompanying comments critical of TL.

I learned a great deal from Jim's article and from posts about Timberline on DCSki. I think I'll rely on DCSki.com, rather than this new publication, for the information I need about mid-Atlantic skiing. Thanks Scott!

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October 16, 2007
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Even though I am a constant western PA skier who loves making the trip to VT and has gone out west, everything TL has to offer already is enough to make me visit it every year. So for them to bring in major development is a no brainer because of it's widespread appeal. I think they should do everything they can though to make it look as if they have not developed the land any further though when they do start building me homes so as to keep the prestige that is TL. I think that is the key to keeping TL as great as what we know it is.

As for the slow lifts, ehhhhhh, most lifts tend to get replaced eventually, but if they are to replace TL's lifts, do something to counter it and still show off the great mtn views that Bousquet19 talked about. Not sure what to suggest at this exact moment, but something that is minimally destructive to the environment.
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