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September 29, 2007
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Hi folks,

As I imagine many of you know, the publication "Fly Fish America" did a combined piece on fishing the Greenbrier River and the sewer plant controversy facing the Elk River. The article was written by Beau Beasley, and is featured in their September 2007 issue. Fly Fish America is subscriber-based, although they have recently begun the practice of making previous issues available online completely free. So in the near future, you'll be able to read it online. Here is their website:


In Beau's article, he references several websites involved in the issue, including 8RiversSafeDevelopment.com. As a companion effort to help bring that publication's readers up to speed on the issue, Eight Rivers Safe Development has released a new welcoming page which introduces and summarizes the issue. It also features never-before-published images of the Elk River and Sharps Cave. Here it is:


Hope you enjoy.


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