Wanted: Junker boards, gouged, not broken
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September 29, 2007
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Greetings all!

I just painted an unrideable junker board of mine and love it, and now I'm thinking about doing the same to other boards I can get my hands on.
So I'm looking to see if anyone out there is trying to unload their oldies rather than trash'em. Or if anyone knows where else I might be able to find some. (The shops around here (Northern VA) sell their rental boards before they become unrideable.)

I'm gonna be painting ones I can get for decoration, so I'm not looking for snapped and broken boards...but nicks and gouges and scrapes up top are fine, and the bottoms can be gouged to all hell.
Also, I'm not rich, which is why I'm looking for boards on their way to the dumpster or sitting in a basement somewhere...I can't be throwing down the money for rideable boards...Besides, why commit a rideable board to decoration? (After painting, they're unrideable because all of the flexing would destroy the paint job)


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