Another New Trail at Snowshoe?
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
September 19, 2007
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I was looking at the Snowshoe website and their new cost saving offers and clicked on the September daily pictures folder (see above). Noticed one picture titled Forest, but the caption read "The New Trail - Camp 99"! Now this might well be one of the three new trails at the Soaring Eagle Express area, but on their new trailmap these three new trail are named and I do not believe "Camp 99" identifies one of the 3 new trails. So the question is...anybody know anything about the new Camp 99 trail?
The Colonel \:\)
Scott - DCSki Editor
September 19, 2007
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The three new trails at the Soaring Eagle Express area have officially been named Camp 99, Sawmill, and Sawmill Glades (and rated black diamond, black diamond, and double black diamond, respectively). I seem to recall Snowshoe might have had different names planned earlier this summer (often names change), but these are the names that will be on the printed trail maps this winter. So I'm afraid there's no mysterious fourth trail -- at least not this winter!

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