1st snow in Europe
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September 6, 2007
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I caught the tail end of the weather channel report & I didn't catch the name... but Snow did fall at a European ski resort. They said that a Snowfall this early was rare but happens.What was unusual was the amount that fell(Did not catch the amount either?!) If you all remember last year where they couldn't get anything going till late in the season,this could be a good sign!
Been watching the ice cover up north & I am happy to report that a nice chunk has survived this GW summer period that we are in.....even noticed a few new areas of white since a few days ago, so things are now on the rebound......everything that i can see so far in the weather scheme is opposite than this time last year so maybe this will be a good T-Giving....keep hope alive & stay Tuned!....now.. back to gearing up for Fall Fishing!!
September 7, 2007
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Germany, 4"

Same latitude as International Falls, MN. But this was at 4500' or so.

Id confidently say thats about the equivalent to Hunter, NY getting 4". So thats pretty impressive.
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