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Denis - DCSki Supporter 
September 2, 2007
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- and we will be skiing.

The thought occurred yesterday while hiking a mountain trail in the Shenandoah National Park with a fly rod in hand. Caught some wild brookies in the deepest holes where the water is very still. One was about 11" with brilliant coloring; this is a monster for the tiny streams of the SNP. I let him go of course. Temps in the mtns. were predicted to drop to high or mid 40s last night. Already leaves are falling but it is due to drought, not autumn. In six weeks the mountains all along the Appalachian chain will be in full color, Somewhere along that spine sometime in mid Oct. there will be enough snow to make first tracks of the 07-08 season.

Six weeks.

I'm ready!
September 2, 2007
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I know, isn't it a sweet feeling!

You guys all know how awesome it is to smell the falling leaves in the crisp autumn air and know that SNOW is CLOSE!

People love Fall because of the colors, I love it because I know winter is 1 season closer!
September 4, 2007
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I can't wait! My skis are ready and waiting!!
September 4, 2007
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Denis, I LOVE that kind of optimism! 6 weeks!

i noticed the leaves are starting to change already in and around canaan. in a few weeks it should make for some epic hiking/biking in dolly sods, and fishing anywhere \:\)

this picture puts the theme of this thread into wonderful perspective \:\)

September 4, 2007
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Nice pic. Where was it? I think I know but am not sure. Hey! I just thought of a new thread. One where someone posts a pic and we try to name the location.
September 4, 2007
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Blackwater Falls, looking downstream from the park road bridge?
September 4, 2007
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yeah blackwater falls. not my pic, but a fantastic one nonetheless. I like the thread idea about guessing the location. we need a miscellaneous forum for that stuff, but Ill start one up in the main forum \:\)

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