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December 14, 2000
I've been riding for seven years now and I'm finding myself craving untracked, ungroomed snow. Is there anywhere to go backcountry riding in PA? I know you can further north in NY and VT, but driving 6+ hours is a much further trek than 3 or 4 to PA. If anyone has any information or knows anywhere to start I would greatly appreciate it!
December 14, 2000
check www.whitegrass.com its a place in wva where you can go backcountry
December 16, 2000
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Backcountry Boarding on the East Coast is not too much of a reality. Except for a few places in Vermont, New Hampshire, The Adirondacks of New York, and Maine, backcountry boarding is virtually non-existent. Take a trip out west, or even better-move out west, and then you're talking backcountry. Hucking backside rodeo's off kickers with no fear of injury? That's out west man. Face shots in 40" of fresh 7% water content snow? That's not in New York, that's in the Wasatch. Over the head shots in 5 feet of fresh dry pow? Once again, not the East Coast, that's the west. If you're serious about boarding, then it's all worth it. Besides, the people out west are much more laid back. Take it easy


December 18, 2000
if you can't go there, next best thing -CHECK out webshots.com to download free backcountry snowboard screen saver photos

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