Charity Event At Roundtop
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January 12, 2004
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This past Saturday, we held a halfpipe contest at RT to benefit the Make a Wish foundation. The event consisted of the halfpipe contest and a 4 hour concert provide by some local club bands. all told, the event was a huge success. dispite virtually no publicity from RT and bitter cold temps, we had a turn out of over 80 people for the contest and a good turnout for the shows. our total take of donations was over 1800 dollars. we still have 3 events to go (2 slope style and a super pipe) so we are well on course to meet our goal of 5000 dollars.
January 12, 2004
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That's cool! I was there... I took the Diann Roffe thing (again), and then skied till about 330 with a friend. I hadn't been to RT in ... well hate to say but one of those green runs is where i learned to ski way back. I think Ramrod was by far and away my favorite run. And the one next to it that wasn't quite open looked promisingly steep. It was a bit icier than I suspected it would be in places... cold temps weren't a problem with sunlight, I didn't think, and a wee bit of fresh "powder" to the extreme right of minuteman was nice. Overall impressions were good although I have to admit, I'd like just a tad longer run...

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