Soil Conservation & NRCS sue my family & neighbors
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July 24, 2007
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You read the topic right, my family, relatives, and neighbors at the proposed site of Lost City dam site #16 were served papers on July 18th. We are being sued by the Potomac Valley Soil Conservation District with fully backing by the Hardy County Commission and NRCS (National Resource Conservation Agency) to begin the process of eminent domain. The court date is what I believed a very hurried August 2nd before Hardy County circuit court judge Cookman.

The soil conservation service and NRCS are seeking access to our 300+ acres of land ONCE MORE after they were granted a right of entry by the court on December 22, 2005 which was good for 1 year. That was to collect soil samples and data to complete the Environmental Impact Statement which was admittedly completed in May of this year.

The latest lawsuit demands access to our land for even more soil testing and to begin appraisal work for the condemnation process which at this point is entirely illegal. I can't give out the reasons as to why this is due to our lawsuits, but lets just say the NRCS and PVSCD are violating federal and state law with gross procedural violations in order to terrorize us residents into acquiring our land.

We have vowed to fight to the very end. However this is where I and my family and neighbors need your help immediately. Either through monetary donations on or by contacting the Hardy County Commission (304)-530-0250, Potomac Valley Soil Conservation District (304) 822-5174, or NRCS offices (304) 530-2825 /

I *ENCOURAGE EVERYONE* possible to show up at our August 2 trial and watch the so called circus of Hardy County rape it's citizens illegally and get away with state and federal violations. If you wish to picket or protest, you are welcome to do so. This is it for us folks, these people have expressed interest to run us out of our homes and land by October and would leave us utterly homeless. They only want to pay $1,500 PER ACRE (INCLUDING COST OF HOME)!!!!!! Your tax dollars are funding this folks, you are literally paying to run me, my family, and my neighbors out of our homes!!

Any help is needed and appreciated!!!


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