Snowshoe Expansion
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
July 5, 2007
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Anybody been to Showshoe since the white stuff quit flying and checked out the progress on the new trails at the Widowmaker complex?
The Colonel \:\)
July 6, 2007
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If all things go well I will be up there on Sunday. I will be taking the camera and if I can get close enough I will take some pics and post them. Regardless I will be questioning employees up there as to how things are coming....
July 6, 2007
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I just rode my bike up the silver creek side of the cheat mountain trail to the look out tower and took a peek. The trails are cut in as of now not sure how much wider they are going to make them. Right now they are half the width of widow maker.
lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
July 6, 2007
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I was up there for the 4th. Just came back last night only because my condo was rented.. . But hiking down and up, I noticed the trails are cut. They were working on them so I wasn't about to mess with a bulldozer...

Looks like both trails are cut, one of them joining the second trail, which widens, before joining the Widowmaker trail at the bottom, on the southern side of the lift.

They need about 20 more trails at Snowshoe, though...
July 9, 2007
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My girlfriend and I went out today for a long car ride through the WV Highlands. Coming back I stopped up at Snowshoe to see what was up and to maybe snap a few shots. I didn't really get to hike down at all (due to time) so I walked beside the Soaring Eagle lift and snapped a few shots. Here they are. Sorry there isn't more....

Cutting the new trail (I am standing right below the lift station)

July 12, 2007
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Thanks for the pictures David, nice to see the progress. I like new trails...
July 12, 2007
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speaking of Snowshoe and "219" hehe \:\) .. whats the best route from CV to Snowshoe? all the way down 219 from davis, or 32->33->219? anyone drive both routes before?
July 13, 2007
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depends on where you're coming from captain, from davis or the valley 32/33/219 if you're coming from north of thomas 219 all the way. iirc there's some windmills right along 219 down closer to parsons that are fun to look at for a minute or two.

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