Snowstorm this week?!
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January 11, 2004
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I've heard several outlets and weather sites mention possible snow storm coming up from the south by late this week. Any truth to that? I'm planning another timberline trip on Sat to teach a friend snowboarding. I can only hope for ankle deep powder
January 11, 2004
I haven't heard anything about a storm yet. I know it is supposed to be above average temps tomorrow and Tuesday and then plummet again to highs in the 20's from Wednesday on. Saw possibility of snow showers on Thursday. Now, that's the forecast now, and usually NWS will only say what they KNOW, not what they think. I'll try to catch Doug Hill or someone tonight on TV and they will probably say whether there is one brewing.
January 11, 2004
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Light snow possible tonight and Monday from an Alberta Clipper, maybe an inch or two of powder for PA resorts.

Another cold front will come through midweek bringing lake effect and generally synoptic snow late Tuesday-Wednesday. Highest elevations will be the winners with a few inches.

Snowstorm later in the week will probably be a general 4-8", but the jackpot will be further NE.

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