CV weather last winter
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June 21, 2007
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Got this from the Whitegrass website:

Winter 06-07 by Dave Lesher Our WeatherMan

The winter of 2006-07 has finally come to a close here in Canaan Valley, ending what has been one of the most interesting snowfall seasons in this writer's memory. Interesting because what began as one of the most snow-free periods from October to December in the local record books then turned into one of the snowiest periods ever from January to April.
The ground was bare of snow on New Year's Day, 2007 with many locals wondering when the real snow of winter was going to start. A total of only 17 inches had fallen from October through December, the seventh least amount for that period since records commenced in 1944.
Then, as if a switch had been thrown somewhere, the snows began in mid-January and kept on and on and on. By the end of April, an additional 172 inches had fallen, the fifth greatest amount ever for that period.
A total of 63 winters have passed since George Thompson began taking weather readings in Canaan Valley in 1944, duties that passed to George's son Ben in 1956 and then to Kenny Sturm 15 years ago. In all those 63 winter seasons, this winter's total snowfall of 189 inches is the fifth greatest ever, despite its amazing late beginning.

What's this GW stuff????? If it snows this winter like it snowed last March I'd be one happy camper!
June 21, 2007
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Thats awesome Kim. Was a strange winter but it sure did switch in early Jan. I think TLine could have stayed open another 2 weeks plus if they had wanted to.
Roger Z
June 21, 2007
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Well assuming GW keeps the Great Lakes warmer, depending on the temperature effect it has in the Mid-Atlantic (which so far has been minimal, I've heard) the West Virginia mountains could really benefit. Maybe this is one of those "it's snowing because the world is getting warmer!!!" things. \:\)

I'm trying to convince my fiancee (who is from El Salvador) that northern Wisconsin isn't *that* cold of a place to live. I just got back from a conference up there and it really is a spectacular place. I wouldn't mind moving up there. I figure if global warming keeps up, maybe winter will only be six months long up there instead of six months and two weeks, like it is now. So I'm gonna go hop in my SUV and burn some dinosaurs so that Sandra will be comfortable for an extra week or two when we move to Green Bay!!! ;\)
June 21, 2007
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Ya while we're on the subject, pigman (my two headed bro-in-law) just got back from a week of fishing in Minnesota that's pretty far north too i think. Folks up there said this winter was a real bummer for them bc it was too warm and they never had more than five inches of snow on the ground at anyonetime; seems that's not so good for the snow mobile season. They only get 120 avg inches but it's usually so cold it just sticks around all winter.

Zee he also said it's flat as kansas up there, so the skiing should be just as challenging as where ur at now. \:D
Roger Z
June 22, 2007
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Hey now it may have been flat where he was, but has your two-headed bro-in-law ever heard of Granite Peak or Lutsen or Spirit Mountain or Indianhead or the Legend, the Beast, the Mother of all Rad Mountains, MOUNT BOHEMIA!!!


You know, he's right, you're not about to mistake northern Wisconsin for the Grand Tetons anytime soon, but it's better- trust me- than Kansas, and certainly better than what you'd expect in the midwest. Plus you get all the added off-season benefits of monstrous mosquitoes and blisteringly hot summers. On the minus side, though, the area is not being overrun by Californians.

I just have to work on my norgie-pine cone eater accent. Where's the Prairie Home Companion tapes???

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