Cheap hydration packs at costco!!
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June 6, 2007
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Just got back from COSTCO and cant believe the sweet deal i just got on a high sierra hydration pack. It was 20 bucks and includes a sweet backpack with an insulated pouch for the bladder (included) that seems to be well made and along with plenty of extra storage space (but not too much). Also, it comes with a sleeve to insulate the tube connecting the mouth piece to the bladder to keep your rink from freezing while skiing. Best of all it has a lifetime warranty from high sierra and the costco satisfaction guarantee so if anything goes wrong you can just return it! I read some reviews from a biking website and it seems the pack is very well made but there are spotty issues with the mouth pieces (leaking) but considering it is $20 compared to the $60 to $80 for other models it is a steal (almost disposable). Also if your bladder breaks any camel bladder will fit in as well.
June 7, 2007
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I bought one as well a few months back. Great for moutain biking and you cannot beat that price.
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