Ski Areas with mountain Biking
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April 26, 2007
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Which ski areas in the mid-atlantic allow mountain biking and use of the lifts?
April 27, 2007
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Tline and Canaan Valley both allow mountain biking and run their lifts for riders. Mountain biking at Tline used to be great, now is marginal - thanks to limited trail maintenance and extensive trail damage from horses and 2 annual ATV races. Haven't ridden the ski area part of Canaan Valley yet - though the mountain biking across 32 in the main park area is sweet.

Snowshoe is the place in Mid-Atlantic for lift-served mountain biking. They cater to it, and have invested a good amount of dollars in developing trails - DH, free-ride, and XC. They also have a number of summer biking programs, instruction, rentals, and races/events.

Diablo Freeride park is located at Mountain Creek Ski area in Vernon NJ. This place is also supposed to be awesome - right up there with Snowshoe.

Wisp offers lift-served, and has recently started investing more in developing summer mountain biking - I recall they opened a free-ride park last season.

Whitetail used to - doesn't any more.

I believe Seven Springs has decent lift-served mountain biking.

Several others do too, but Snowshoe and Diablo set the bar way high for everyone else.

April 27, 2007
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7S does have lift service for MTBs. Last season it was mostly XC and not much down hill stuff maybe 2-3 trails. I heard they are building more trails this season but haven't been up to check.
April 27, 2007
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Thanks guys. I knew about Snowshoe, but just wanted the inside sccop on others. I will be checking it out.

Thanks again,

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