Many Freedom Fest Riders Against Eminent Domain
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April 14, 2007
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Hi Folks,

Over the last few days, has experienced a surge in traffic. It looks to be probably from motorcyclists that attend Freedom Fest at Snowshoe. I think it's fair to say that many of them are against the idea of eminent domain, and are beginning to take notice on the issue of the sewer plant and the Sharp Farm site.

A new thread has been started on from Gary Mace of the eastern panhandle to rally support in stopping this abuse of eminent domain:


Just wanted to let you all know that I am outraged over the eminent domain abuse by Showshoe who is cuddling up with your local politicians. I am not local to your area but live in the eastern panhandle of WV. I do however enjoy visiting your area to ride my motorcycle.

Every year Snowshoe sponsors a motorcycle rally called Freedom Fest. As a motorcyclist, I will not attend this event because of what they are trying to do. I have emailed them to explain why. I have already started spreading the word to fellow riders asking them not to patronize Snowshoe and to also email them in protest because of this eminent domain issue and have recieved very positive response from most.

Keep up the good fight.

Gary Mace

You can view that thread here:

Login and be sure to thank Gary and other supporting Freedom Fest riders if you are glad to see their help. Let them know we are grateful, and that we support their efforts to stop this abuse of eminent domain. :-)

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