Rundown of resorts - What's still open?
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March 28, 2007
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I decided to go check through that list of resorts posted on the "Who's Open" article off the front page of this site, and this is what is currently the case:

North Carolina:

Beech Mountain - Done!
Sugar Mountain - They decided to bag it! Looks like they did not make their planned April 1st closing.


Wisp - Still open and still planning to go through to this weekend


Bryce - Kaput!
The Homestead - Fini!
Massanutten - It's Game Over man!
Wintergreen - Exited stage left!

West Virginia:

Canaan Valley Ski Area - I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave!
Snowshoe - Planned to be open through April 1st
Timberline - Also still planned to be open through April 1st I am personally still planning on going up there. I guess I better go call Canaan Lodge to book a room.
Winterplace - And another one bites the dust!


Alpine Mountain - He's dead, Jim!
Bear Creek - Zilch!
Big Bear - Planned to be opened this weekend and then done
Big Boulder - Saying they are going to be opened at least through this weekend. Would not be surprised if they are done after the 1st
Blue Knob - Awwww shuuuucks!
Blue Mountain - Planning on staying opened through this weekend! Complete with a pond skim!
Camelback - Currently closed, but plan on reopening on the 31st
Ski Denton - Also currently closed, by may try to reopen for "one last hurrah!" this weekend
Elk Mountain - Planned to be opened through Saturday 31st. Saturday will be their last day!
Hidden Valley - Nada!
Jack Frost - No longer nipping at your toes!
Liberty Mountain - Sunk!
Mystic Mountain - Doesn't say (snow report was still dated 2/14/2007!), but I would not be surprised if they are done. I also tried calling them and could not get a hold of anybody.
Ski Roundtop - All Gone!
Ski Sawmill - Big Fat Zilch!
Seven Springs - Saying they are still opened, although they did not announce an "official" closing date. I remember seeing they were planning on going through to Easter, but to be honest, I just don't see that happening. Obviously, good idea to check with them before setting out
Shawnee Mountain - Waaaaaaah!
Sno Mountain - Plan to reopen on Friday and stay opened through Sunday the 1st
Spring Mountain - Abbit, Abbit, That's All Folks!
Tanglewood - Seems to still be opened, but does not say specifically. Good idea to call them to be sure
Tussey Mountain - Nuked from orbit!
Whitetail - Definitely not white anymore!

And there you have it! Seems like if anybody wants to get out and get any skiing done, this weekend will be it! A number of these resorts are currently closed during the week with plans to reopen on Friday for the weekend. Good idea to double check to make sure that the resort you want to go to is still open before setting off.
pagamony - DCSki Supporter 
March 28, 2007
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Gotta give some love to Appalachian down south.

Meltdown games this weekend - costumes, cardboard box races, rail jams, pond skimming. fun stuff ;-)
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 29, 2007
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Thanks, Steven, for the excellent run down on what is/is not open this weekend. I gave you credit in my poll of the week in the general discussion forum.
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