Wintegreen report (with pics) 3/22/07
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March 22, 2007
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I wanted to take advantage of yesterday's cooler temps and previous night's freeze, but the weather report was calling for a chance of rain so I held off until today. It got up to 63F on the mountain today, and was a beautiful day. It was getting tough to ski the slush by about 1pm, however, and I called it a day at 3pm when my knees started aching. There were still some decent lines of undisturbed snow down the Big Acorn trails, but the Highlands was very mushy -- I don't think that was groomed at all overnight.

Here are some pics I took:

In general, still plenty of snow. Some of the trails look great (upper cliffhanger for instance) but getting thin and bare on other trails. There are sections where the base is still 3-4 feet deep, so they could conceivably dig down a bit and spread the snow to cover the bare spots, but I think they are limited in how much machine grooming can be done when the weather is this warm (the groomers can sink in and make it worse). Anyway, they will have no problem making in to Sunday 3/25 for the season ender. If anyone heads up over the next 3 days, I would recommend getting there early to ski before it slushes up too bad.

I am tempted to visit them again next week to hike up and ski down a trail or two, but I may just drive to Snowshoe instead...

March 22, 2007
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Another bit of advice -- duct tape the front opening on your boots! I ended up taking on quite a bit of water, the first time that has ever happened, and my boots are new and seal fairly well.
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March 23, 2007
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you know, they still report 22 trails open today and their forecast for Sunday morning includes a freeze - that might not be a bad day at all. i just don't think i can pull it off..... ;(
March 23, 2007
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Thanks for the report! I would love to try to hike for a few turns at WTG just to try to test my new equipment, but wont be able to do it until the weekend after this one. I wonder how much of that 3-4 ft on upper cliffhanger will still be there by then?
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