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January 6, 2004
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I found this post from the 1/6 Snowshoe website interesting reading!
Judge for yourself...
"Winter has returned to Snowshoe Mountain as snowmaking and grooming have resumed. Two inches of snow overnight have turned everything white again. Some slopes will be closed the next couple of days for aggressive snowmaking. Snowshoe Mountain continues to have more terrain open then all of Virginia's Resorts combined. Check out the January 9 & 10 special, two nights of lodging and two days of skiing for $149 per person. The halfpipe at the Mountaineer Terrain Park at the Silver Creek Area is open. We are 100% open! Call reservations today or book online."
How can you be 100% open with slopes closed!!!
By the way, this is not just a Snowshoe gaff, I have seen a lot of not too careful editing of area snow reports and news reports.
January 6, 2004
For a company that constantly uses the "Snow News is Good News" column to show how other resorts fabricate their snow reports... this is absolutely hilarious.
January 6, 2004
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Read it carefully - it says "some slopes will be closed the next couple of days..." It doesn't say they are closed "today". Actually, looking at the actual trail report, it does have a number closed - with a note saying they will be open on Wednesday. Therefore it looks like 100% open on Wednesday. By the way there is an update this afternoon which doesn't boast of 100%. Anyway, I think those us who ski SS find thier web information very honest and straightforward.

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