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January 5, 2004
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would love to hear more about this out of the way resort in SW Colorado. there was a story on it last season on dcski at: http://www.dcski.com/news/2003/03_20_2003/wolfcreek.php3
powderpig: i know it's supposed to get great snow, but wolf creek is pretty far from the beaten path with many more famous resorts between here and there, what motivates you to go there?


One of my best friends and his wife live in Edwards, CO which is just down the valley from Vail. Every year we go out for a nice long visit so I can get my powder fix skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek. Thankfully both friends work for Vail Assoc. so we are able to ski and stay at a place we would never be able to afford at full price. My buddies inlaws have some property and a cabin in Southfork which is just below Wolf Creek pass and the ski area. We are driving down for a long weekend this week to enjoy a ski area that is the exact opposite of Vail with amazing snow (over 36 inches the last few days). So essentially were going to enjoy the skiing and the solitude offered by a ski area with no condos, Hummers, or pretentiousness.

I plan to take alot of photos so Ill try to link some to the message forum so everyone can check them out.


January 5, 2004
lucky you with regard to vail situation!! what about durango/purgatory? ever been there? how does it fit in the vail-wolf ck continuum? what kind of town is durango?tkx, jj
January 6, 2004
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I have never been to Durango or skied there. I have heard lots of great things about the town. How its real laid back and cowboy-ish. Ive also been told its "crunchy" which usually means theres lots of "hippy types." I havent heard anything about the skiing there because I think most people would road trip to Telluride if given the choice. Telluride is on my list...maybe the bluegrass festival this summer.

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