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January 3, 2004
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I am about to get an Advantage Card for free through Whitetails Bounceback program. Does anyone know if you can use your advantage card to buy lift tickets for other people + yourself during the same time period? In other words, does the computer not allow you to buy more than one with your card during a certain time period, or does the vendor not allow you (could you just go to a different line and buy one at a time??)?
January 3, 2004
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The cards have your mug on them, so I think the intent is for YOU to use them and not buy other tickets on them. However, I have never actually tried to buy more than one ticket on them because I am not smart enough to think of that when I am at the window! :-(
Couldn't hurt to ask ...
Scott - DCSki Editor
January 4, 2004
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My guess is that an Advantage Card is intended to be used only by one person, but a comment on Whitetail's web site makes me unsure:

"The Advantage Card allows you to save 40% every time you ski or ride at Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop. You can be on the mountain for as little as $18.00! And as a bonus, every 6th visit is FREE! (Rentals free only with purchase of rental option.) For example, a family of 5, purchasing a card before October 30th, will have paid for the card and recognize a savings on just their second visit!"

I can't tell for sure if the above statement is suggesting that a family purchase *one* card for the entire family, or a card for each member of the family.

Best advice: call Whitetail (717-328-9400) and ask them whether a single Advantage Card holder can purchase tickets for everyone in his/her party. Then let us know what you find out!

- Scott

January 4, 2004
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When you buy a family advantage "card", you actually receive separate cards for each member of your family that you register in the program. Each card has a photo of one particular family member.

When you walk up to the window to buy lift tickets, for each family member to receive the discount, you must present separate advantage cards for each of them. The cashier double checks to be sure the photos on the cards matches the individuals standing before them.

If one person in the family is not at the ticket window (say he is parking the car) and another family member attempts to purchase tickets for them, even if they have the card for the absent person, the cashier will often wait until the individual presents himself before issuing the ticket.

In addition, their computer system separately tracks the usage of the cards of each family member so that determining when the 6th free visit occurs is not based on the total number of visits made by all family members, but for each individual with a card.


Tom / PM

PS - BTW, although I can't speak officially for WT on their Advantage Card program, I personally used this program for several years, and now teach there, so I'm pretty sure I have given you the current info.

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January 4, 2004
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i heard a rumor at RT yesterday that snowtime is looking to sell WT. anybody hear that??
Scott - DCSki Editor
January 4, 2004
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No, haven't heard any such rumors. I think your friend was pulling your leg or fantasizing. Last winter, Whitetail averaged 2,000 skiers per day, with visits up nearly 100% over the prior year. Snow Time has been investing a lot of money in Whitetail -- adding the tubing park, significantly expanding snowmaking, expanding the lodge, adding night lighting to the expert terrain, etc. With Whitetail, Snow Time has a lock on the ski market within 90 minutes of D.C., and they were able to buy Whitetail on the cheap from its original builder (a Japanese investor).

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