poll: skiing with tunes affect your skiing?
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March 16, 2007
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here's an off the wall poll... curious if anyone who ski's with headphones finds that it enhances or degrades your performance.
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
March 16, 2007
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I've never done it and never would. Why? Skiing is a total experience. When I want to ski, I ski. When I want to listen to music, I listen to music. Easy.
March 16, 2007
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I don't listen all the time but sometimes the right tunes when your riding chenges up your state of mind. Think of it as kind of dancing down the mountain.
March 16, 2007
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Used to listen and ski more than I do now. Sort of liked the boss (pink cadallic) or ZZ top (tush) for the beat. Depended on the turns I wanted to make.
March 16, 2007
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I do it from time to time, but common sense applies. Most times I listen on the lift if I am not chatting with someone. I do occasionally listen to music while skiing if the slopes are not crowded, and I keep the volume very low (to the point where I can still carry on conversation) in order to hear what's around me. I do think it would be dangerous to blast music loudly while skiing.
March 19, 2007
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I don't ski with electronic tunes but I am always singing in my head. Sometimes it's that jazz tune the weather channel plays when it does local weather. I just let it come naturally.

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