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January 2, 2004
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My son and I want to take a weekend in Jan and learn to ski. I can't spend $1000 to do it, we just want to have fun without Mom and his sisters. Can someone point me to Md/Va/WVa places to look? Do any rent basic required hardware and rooms?

--remember, you all started somewhere!

thanks, chris

January 2, 2004
check out the websites on this page most resorts have a learn to ski package that includes a lesson lift ticket and equipment some may include lodging.If you can go midweek you will usually get alot more attention from the instructor and less crowded
January 3, 2004
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To the best of my knowledge -- Whitetail, Roundtop and Liberty aren't resorts in the traditional sense of have rooms + the skiing available, although they all rent equipement and offer lessons, typically having packages available for the beginner. As I tend to go to Whitetail for day skiing, I can say that Hagarstown is pretty darn close by and you could make it a very inexpensive weekend overall by staying in a hotel there and then driving to Whitetail each morning. There's a Cracker Barrel nearby, an outlet mall, and you could even drive down Frederick for more eating options.... NOW I don't know the areas that well but Roundtop and Liberty probably have similiar options in nearby areas -- definitely check the websites. ANOTHER idea would be to try Wisp -- I have NOT been to the ski area myself, but I have been to the region around it which is a vacation area with a ton of accommodation options -- so you might check that out too. Finally my only advice would be to try it in Jan, as the crowds seem to really pick up in Feb, with exception of MLK weekend perhaps. During the week, as was mentioned would certainly be much less crowded if it is workable... but I think most weekends aren't too bad really (that's when I ski) until sometime in Feb, when most of DC decides its time to ski...

January 4, 2004
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Before my post, here is my disclaimer. I am a Ski Instructor at Ski Liberty. This post is not meant to be an advertisement and I am only doing this to inform and hopefully answer the question.

However, this is my first experience as an instructor and I have been very impressed with the level of instructors and how we teach beginners.

For beginners, Liberty offers a package for lift ticket, rentals, and beginner lesson for $69 (don't quote me on this but I believe that is the right price). After taking the beginner lesson, we give a bounce back coupon that will allow you to buy your next lift ticket, rentals, and a 2nd lesson for $39 (however you must purchase that the same day you take your first beginner lesson) and it is not good on Saturday's or Holiday weekends (MLK weekend and President's Day which also includes that Monday). After the 2nd lesson, you get a free Advantage card which gives you 20% off of lift tickets, rentals, and lessons for the rest of the season.

Liberty also has a hotel on site. They do book up frequently during weekends and I am not sure of the rates.

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January 4, 2004
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At Whitetail, you can rent a condo or also stay at the Mercersburg Inn--very nice from reports I have heard.

As KevinR mentioned, there are also many options in Hagerstown.

However, I would probably choose Liberty or even Roundtop because they are a bit less crowded.

January 4, 2004
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Liberty - the little hotel is just fine, you are near Fredrick if you want a change in pace, instructors are great (Katrina, Larry Peterson or Dion are all great), mountain is beginner-friendly, prices resonable, not too crowded. Good Luck!
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